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Emmet Moss
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Emmet Moss

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My passion is writing.  I love to tell stories.

It excites me when people find enjoyment in what I do. Not everyone will like my work but eliciting a response, be it positive or negative, makes me smile. Knowing that someone has invested their time reading words that I have jumbled together into some semblance of order does conjure up that unexplainable tingle of excitement.

On that note, I don’t believe anything can be so frustrating to a storyteller than to have crafted a tale that no one has the opportunity to read. To believe so completely in a work and yet have no real means to get it out to as many people as is possible is painful. To have a vision of characters, places and events that resonate so clearly in your head that you can't get to sleep without thinking of them.

Someone who writes passionately from the heart would understand such a statement. Yet anyone who has passion for something, be it art, work, family or something in between, knows what it is to be lost in the shuffle - just another card in a deck that numbers far more than the good old fifty-two.

And so here I am online.  I am self-publishing my first fantasy series of four books - The Shattered Kingdom.  Book I - The Mercenary Code will be available in early 2019.


My passion is writing.


I love to tell stories.