Emmet Moss
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Emmet Moss
Epic Fantasy Author - Emmet Moss


The broken Kingdom of Caledun lies in a perpetual state of war.


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For generations, the summer season has been a time of armed conflict. The fall of the old monarchy has brought about a ceaseless cycle of combat. Grievances are settled by the strict tenets of a binding Mercenary Code and the men who would die to preserve its honour.


However, change is in the air. Political rivalries have escalated and dire rumblings of revolution are abound. Allegiances will be tested. Loyalty will be earned.


Thrust to the forefront of the shattered land’s politics, a mercenary Captain fights for more than riches.


In the north, a soldier wrestling his own demons looks to find his true purpose.


And in the shadow of the Great Wood, a young man’s encounter with a strange visitor gives hope to a land divided.